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:Avatar: Good Guys in Action by Evilness321 :Avatar: Good Guys in Action by Evilness321
Ok... this is another one of my random pictures that I did while at my parents' place for the week of Thanksgiving. It was more or less a study of the male figure, and as you see, it turned into a group picture of my male characters from my Avatar: The Legends of Raya fic.

Top, left to right: Nianzu Beifong, heir to the Beifong legacy and current chief of Republic City police. In the white t-shirt is Minoru, the Earthbending journalist who covers Avatar Raya's growth in strength and power as an Avatar. Center: Prince Zuko II named after Fire Lord Zuko who helped end the hundred year war with Avatar Aang's assistance, Prince Zuko II has a lot to live up to, he is also Raya's Firebending Master. Bottom: Master Achak (bald) and Len (Brown hair) : Achak, father of Len, and Airbending Master who helps Raya learn the tricks to Meditation and achieving inner peace, while his son Len teaches Raya the more intricate factors in Airbending.

To read my Avatar: The Legends of Raya story, go here: [link]

I do not own Avatar, but I do own these characters!
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November 28, 2012
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