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November 16, 2012
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:Avatar: Invasion at Sunrise by Evilness321 :Avatar: Invasion at Sunrise by Evilness321
I thought about making this a sunset invasion, but then I remembered that Fire Benders' strength comes from the sun, so it really wouldn't make sense for them to be invading Republic City in the evening. They would strike as the sun is rising, so their Firebending can be at it's strongest.

Not to mention... Every Avatar has to have a 'back view' picture at least once... and I decided to make it into a scene where she is witnessing the approach of the Fire Nation's army and air force, from Air Temple Island, on the beach first thing in the morning as she's learning to Waterbend, the last of the elements she's needing to learn at this point before becoming a full fledged Avatar. At this point, she's mastered Fire, lightning, Earth, metal, and Airbending. Her biggest elemental struggle since the others were a breeze is Waterbending. As Air was to Korra, and Fire was to Aang, so she won't be able to use Waterbending in the impending battle to save Republic City from the Fire Nation.

I do not own Avatar, that belongs to Nick and Bryon and Nickelodeon. However, I DO own this character and the pic!

All traditionally drawn and colored. I used a combination of my standard 'psuedo anime' style, and the 'messy marker' style (Yes, messy marker is a style) to achieve this look. And I'm quite pleased with it!

Colored with Prismacolor Double Ended Brush Tip Marker, and Double Ended Prismacolor Premiere Markers
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Sokai-Sama Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...Powerful shit.....EEYEAH! :p
And that, coming from you dear, is indeed a great compliment! Mind going into more detail a tad?
Sokai-Sama Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol that WAS detail...:p If I'd wanted to say even mor ethan that, I would have, silly boose-goose. :p

But fine, I'll enlighten you further: It was awesome. lol Just honestly a recreation of Aang's anxious waiting for Phoenix King Ozai to arrive, with all of the Fire Nation behind him.

Seem epicness here. lol With "...ohhh, shit..." feeling and even more epic music in the background...of your mind...:p
hehehe xD nice!

And I kinda had an idea that Aang and Korra would be 'guiding' her with their presences, and so on, so it would make sense that this would have an "Aang-ish" feel to it :nod: Especially since HE actually inspired this... but instead of Ozai on the attack, it's Zola. Yes. Zola's getting her own moment here in the future...

The music I imagine, you already have an idea... but it's from Two Steps from Hell, so yes. It would be epic 'Oh shit' moment indeed!

I seriously need to write in my story up to this point, I'm still stuck at her airbending lessons! Maybe it's time for a time skip scene...
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