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:CrossoverOCs: Monsters by Evilness321 :CrossoverOCs: Monsters by Evilness321
Did this pic in two days! Whoo, was this a lot of work for that amount of time... :faint:

So what's the story behind this number? After listening to this vid: [link]

I got inspired to feature a group pic of some of my 'greatest' bad ass, evil girls. Yes, that even includes my old OC Elyon, whom an entire original story circles around. I will give an explanation behind each character to better understand why they are 'evil' or have their own 'inner monster'. I will not post an entire story for each character, however, suffice to say that not all characters remain 'evil' at all times. Wei Shun, Elyon and Stephanie are those characters.

Bottom row-

Red head: Rubiella, the main villainess of the first part of my Sailor Moon Eternal fanfiction (Found here for anyone curious: [link] ) She is the possessed form of the daughter of Queen Beryl, who is bound and determined to find and kill the Goddess of Death, and take the power of the Jovian Sailor Crystal for her own selfish purposes. Using mannequins and puppet masters, her brand of evil is quite different than her mother's, who as you all may recall, used Youma and the Shittenou as her means of taking over the universe. At one point, Rubiella forces Sailor Callisto (The goddess of Death) to choose... between surrendering herself and sparing the lives of her friends and loved ones, or watch as each of her friends- including Rinoa and the Moon Shadow Knight- die before her eyes.

Black skirt with swords- Lady Sanura Zuberi. Truly a demon sealed away within Sailor Callisto's very body and spirit, this gal has a score to settle with her Senshi host. Having already killed a fair number of Callisto's family members, and separated her from her older sibling who lives in Japan, Sanura is still gearing herself up for another bloodbath as she watches from within, Callisto's struggles to maintain her control over her powers and her destiny. When it finally comes time for a face-to-face reunion between the cousins (That's right, they are cousins), Sanura's response to Callisto telling her she will die in the battle, her response is simply: "You can't kill someone who is already dead."

Masked flame-sword wielder: Gotta love flame-sword wielding Firebenders, no? Zola is an assassin sent to kill the current Avatar in my fic- Avatar: The Legends of Raya found here: [link] And apart from playing a number of head games with Raya, she is also quite dangerous with her blades. Also being engaged to the current Prince of the Fire Nation through an arranged marriage between the royal family and the wealthiest in the Fire Nation, Zola has her eyes set on one goal: To usurp the throne and become the queen of the Fire Nation once she has killed the Avatar. So while she appears to be following the orders of Fire Lord Michio in going after the Avatar on his command, she is really out for her own goals. Even going so far as to plot the murder of innocent by-standards just because they knew or were close to Raya.

White and red blond fairy- the inner demon of the Fairy of Light and Stars, Stephanie, from my original story Lacuna: The Amber Staff (Not published on any site). Shadow Stephanie is the exact opposite of her host, surfacing during training to learn the Omega Magic before going on a dangerous mission to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, this gal is the Fairy of Darkness and Shadow, and thrives in said situations. She does not show herself during regular situations such as going to school, or Stephanie being out in day light hours. But Shadow Stephanie is set on becoming the next Fairy Queen of the Kingdom of the Burning Sun. At one point during the mission to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, Shadow Stephanie emerges in full force to battle Elizabeth, Stephanie's best friend and main character of the story, over the 'Greatest power in the Universe'. She never reveals why she was so interested in said power, due to being sealed back and away by Elizabeth before she had a chance to cause any more real damage to their situation. But Shadow Stephanie is always there, always waiting for the chance to strike again, this time with a new hatred towards Elizabeth, the last heir to the Lacunian throne and the one who sealed her away.

Silver haired with red/yellow hat: Another character from my Avatar: The Legends of Raya story. Wei Shun is a rare, skilled quad-bender, without actually being an Avatar. As Tenzin stated in Legend Of Korra that anyone can open themselves up to learn the elements of Bending, Wei has done just that. Not entirely with her own free will, she was cited by the Fire Nation as a young child, captured, her family massacred on the spot, and taken into hiding at the Fire Nation Palace at the age of six. Ten years later, she surfaces after Zola's embarrassing failure to kill the Avatar, as the next would-be Avatar Assassin just after Raya master's all the elements and is declared a 'True Avatar' (Apart from not having total control over the 'Avatar State' yet), Wei Shun appears giving the blue Firebending Avatar a challenge like none-other. She does not know if she will succeed in killing the Avatar, a mission where Zola failed, or die trying. But she is well aware of the struggles ahead of her.

Brunette with glasses- Elyon Shnyder. A brunette wearing glasses, shy, and uncertain about her future as the Vampire Queen, she is constantly hiding her true self from those she cares most about. In my original story Rewrite (Not published on any site) Elyon keeps the last name of the family she has the fondest memories of before she appears unexpectedly in the futuristic, post- apocalyptic world. If she is the main character of the story, why is she here? When she looses control of her powers, her 'Vampiric Instincts', she is a frightening force of speed, power and inhuman strength. During a rage, she once slaughtered an entire 'secret' US-run hospital before finally being knocked out by tranquilizers strong enough to zap a bull elephant. Then she was adopted by a family in the Pacific Northwest, who promised to raise her, even knowing what frightening powers she possesses. In the future world, she is sought after and hunted by the one who claims he is the King of the Vampires, her uncle. Even when she once again looses control, and nearly kills the man she loves (A Kresnik Priest named Alkeion), she is still hunted, and still has to fight just to stay alive, even knowing what she's done once her memory has been regained.

there it is, hope you enjoyed this look into my dark, insane world... with many types of evil and insanity present...

And people say I don't know darkness/evil? PHHHT!
KawaiiEmiko Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it c:
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I love your darkness and your art :D
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